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Jennifer Lopez fans panic as singer’s social media presence goes dark

Everybody is asking the same question: what is happening?

Jennifer Lopez in a black and white striped suit and black cowboy hat
Photo via Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez gave her fans quite a scare Tuesday evening after the singer’s social media accounts went completely dark, literally. 

The “Jenny from the Block” singer now has a solid black profile picture across all her major social media channels including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. All three platforms tally up to almost 300 million followers but it’s Instagram where she has her largest following with 226 million followers. Aside from the new solid black profile picture, Lopez’s Twitter and TikTok accounts remain largely uncharged. However, her Instagram account appears to be completely wiped, showing nothing but a circular loading icon where her photos used to be. 

Screenshot of Jennifer Lopez's Instagram page, showing a solid black profile picture and an empty photo grid
Image via Instagram/Jennifer Lopez

Naturally, Lopez’s fans took to Twitter to express their concern, asking the question that’s pretty much on everyone’s mind. 

It’s not uncommon for a celebrity to make such a move ahead of a major announcement. Recently, Lopez has been hard at work on her acting career, producing and starring in a number of films including her most recent rom-com Marry Me with Owen Wilson, which audiences absolutely adored, giving it a 92 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In Dec., she will hit the big screen again in the action rom-com Shotgun Wedding alongside Josh Duhamel. Then, in 2023 she will play an ex-assassin who comes out of hiding to protect her daughter in The Mother

Clearly, the 53-year-old has no intention of slowing down, and given her non-stop involvement in Hollywood her social media blackout could point to the possibility of a major musical announcement. Not since 2014 has she released a studio album. 

Just days before her social media went dark, Lopez posted a throwback video of herself dancing in the outfit she wore during her FIFA World Cup performance in 2014 when she performed that year’s anthem “We Are One” alongside Pitbull. Now that the 2022 World Cup is officially underway, could we be in for another World Cup performance?

This year’s official song is “Hayya Hayya (Better Together)” by Trinidad Cardona, Davido, and Aisha. Lopez was not listed among artists like Diplo and Calvin Harris who are expected to perform this year, but who knows, that might be changing.

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