Latest ‘Warhammer’ News: Henry Cavill fans are caught between Marvel and MI6 for his next role even while overwhelmed by the wealth of ’40K’ reading material

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Hype for Amazon’s adaptation of Warhammer 40K is taking over the web, as longtime fans of the game prepare themselves to see the beloved miniature wargame realized in live-action. As they prep for the project’s eventual release, many are returning to the wealth of supplemental Warhammer books, of which there are more than 350.

Cavill, as the only name thus far attached to the project, is at the center of every Warhammer story. Fans are debating his prospects across cinematic universes as they eye his potential in the Bond franchise alongside his future in Warhammer 40K

Bond isn’t the only franchise people would love to see Cavill break into. Warhammer is still years — at least — from releasing its first venture into a brand-new universe, and Cavill’s schedule is largely clear. He could helm the Warhammer franchise, debut as Bond, and take the time to officially enter the MCU via a variety of X-Men roles, and still have time to actually play the miniature wargame behind his latest cinematic endeavor. 

Dig into the wealth of Warhammer books as you prep for the Amazon adaptation

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There’s plenty of lore Amazon could cover in its Warhammer adaptation, but which stories, characters, and factions the project will highlight is still a mystery. As they get hyped for the Henry Cavill-helmed release, longtime fans of the game are returning to the many Warhammer books on the market. There are literally hundreds to choose from, covering everything from the Cult of Sigmar to the Emperor of Mankind’s genetically-engineered offspring.  

Henry Cavill could flawlessly embody a range of fan-favorite mutants

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Henry Cavill’s tumultuous month, which saw him depart the Witcher franchise for the DCU, only to lose out on Superman too, has his many fans selecting new opportunities for the popular actor. With DC in the rear-view mirror, many people are ready to see Cavill debut in the MCU, and there are dozens of roles he would be perfect in. The X-Men, in particular, present some excellent opportunities for a man of Cavill’s talent, and we’d love to see him enter the fold as any number of fan-favorite mutants.

Fans war between Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the next Bond

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Another franchise fans would love to see Cavill enter — even as he tackles the massive task of a Warhammer 40K adaptation — is Bond. The enduring franchise suits the chiseled actor perfectly, and its current search for the leading man has fans warring between Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Both actors would surely suit the role well, but Cavill’s recent string of disappointments has fans rooting for the actor in droves.