The LGTBQ community is forced to remind Lena Dunham that not everything is about her after cringey NYC Pride tweet

Director Lena Dunham attends the "Catherine Called Birdy" UK premiere at the Curzon Mayfair on September 20, 2022 in London, England.
Joe Maher / Stringer / Getty Images

At this point, we’ve probably all come to the conclusion that Lena Dunham is problematic. Most of us realized it the second it became clear that her Girls character Hannah Horvath declaring herself to be “the voice of my generation” was not exactly the biting irony we had assumed it was. But even if not for that, years of tone-deaf headlines, professional fallouts and mysteriously disappearing rescue animals should have driven the point home by now.

However, this time Dunham has ostensibly appropriated the LGTBQ community, which she mistakenly seems to consider herself to be an icon of — and it has full stop backfired on her.

“When I go, I want my casket to be driven through the NYC Pride Parade with a plaque that reads ‘she wasn’t for everyone, but she was for us,'” the 36-year-old puzzlingly tweeted on Sunday, asking: “Who can arrange?”

At least half of the tweet is accurate! Though, somewhere, you’d have to imagine Andrew Rannells putting his hand to his brow and breathing an exasperated sigh.

At any rate, apparently, no one was more surprised to learn that Lena Dunham is “for” the gays than the LGTBQ community itself, which sounded off accordingly as her tweet began to go viral.

“Gonna start living my life with whatever amount of confidence Lena Dunham has that makes her think she’s an LGTBQ+ icon,” scorched one user, not inaccurately.

“Lena Dunham’s ability to occasionally write insightful commentary about Millennials’ flagrant narcissism is negated by her inability to ever wonder if she’s part of the problem,” added another.

Plenty of others jumped in with pointed commentary to illustrate why Dunham is decidedly not the queer icon she seems to fancy herself — such as one person who evoked the perfect clip of Oprah and Gayle King.

But as Dunham’s tweet continued to receive the ratio treatment, plenty of others jumped into her mentions with irreverent jokes and observations about everything from Hitchbot to that time the actor who played Mr. Belvedere sat on his balls and so on.

One person seemingly even compared the idea of Lena Dunham’s corpse at NYC Pride to 9/11:

In the 24 hours since Dunham put her tweet out into the world, she has neither clarified nor deleted it, which is honestly the least shocking thing about all of this. So in the meantime, we can all go back to forgetting about Lena Dunham until the next bad tweet or interview soundbite surfaces.