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Letitia Wright continues callout of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’: ‘This is not okay’

The new Black Panther is fuming with the outlet's refusal to apologize.

Letitia Wright continues callout of THR, says article was 'triggering' before pointing out writer's own misogyny
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Letitia Wright is continuing to demand an apology and change from The Hollywood Reporter, with her again calling out one of the publication’s writers for a supposed vendetta against her.

The star of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been reported with innuendo over the last two years for her alleged views on COVID-19 vaccination and reportedly holding up filming due to hesitance to get vaccinated. THR writer Scott Feinberg seemingly equate Wright’s past controversy around vaccines with alleged sex offenders in Hollywood like Bryan Singer and Roman Polanski in an article published last week.

The Guyanese-British actress called out the first article in a heartfelt plea for them to remove her name from being associated with alleged predators.

Wright is again on the defense, sharing how the outlet has refused to apologize to her for the article as she takes aim at Feinberg in a series of Instagram Story posts. Feinberg hasn’t covered himself in glory over the last month, with him tweeting out a decidedly-tactless joke around Harvey Weinstein and She Said.

Credit: @letitiawright/Instagram
Credit: @letitiawright/Instagram

Her most poignant slide saw her call yet again on the outlet to apologize and for its editor-in-chief to act. Wright documented how the experience has left her triggered, especially being compared to alleged abusers when she herself is a survivor of sexual abuse.

“As someone who is currently in therapy to overcome my own experience of sexual abuse. This is not okay. It is incredibly triggering and alarming that The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Feinberg & all at this publication have made it clear to myself & my team that they will not apologise or take my name out of this very dangerous and disgusting article. To compare me with these cases of abuse and sexual misconduct is extremely alarming. It’s been been two years & I’ve apologised two years ago, I’ve endured enough, especially from this publication and others. Editor in chief, why haven’t you fixed this?

Credit: @letitiawright/Instagram

There’s a deeply uncomfortable aspect of the entire discussion of Wright which feels rooted in the internet’s inability to forget. Wright did share the anti-vax sentiment in 2020 but has sincerely apologized since and there’s no confirmation she ever held up the filming of Wakanda Forever.

Credit: @letitiawright/Instagram

Co-star Angela Bassett said she never heard Wright share dangerous COVID rhetoric in their time together, while Marvel’s vice president said similar. For all intents and purposes, Wright has been put into a position where she isn’t allowed to make amends. Given how confusing and long the pandemic has been for everyone, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t say something which could be taken a very long way.

Wright seems to be threatening potential legal action against THR, with the most likely being a defamation case should the outlet not back down.

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