‘Bussy’ could be officially recognised by a dictionary, thanks to Lil Nas X

lil nas x bussy
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Dictionary.com might officially recognise “bussy”, thanks to internet clown Lil Nas X.

Yep, you read that right. One of the most cursed words online that’s baffled celebs from Taron Egerton to Antoni Porowski could become an actual legitimate word in the English language. God save the straights.

“Industry Baby” singer Lil Nas X jokingly said in a Tweet the US government needed to take a stand this Pride Month and finally add the internet’s favourite slang term for butthole to the dictionary. C’mon Biden administration. We need your support now more than ever.

“For pride month it’s really important that our government finally takes a stand and adds bussy to the dictionary.”

He then shared a screenshot of an alleged Tweet from the official Dictionary.com Twitter claiming it’d consider the request.

“We added WAP to the dictionary so anything’s possible,” they said.

Anything? Or should we say “anus-thing”. Alright, I hear you. I’ll see myself out. 

“Wake up! We might be getting bussy added to the dictionary,” said Lil Nas X.

The chaotic memester previously claimed he said the cursed word in an unreleased song. And please, Mr. Lil Nas X for all that is hole-y, drop the Bussy Remix. The Old Town Buss. Buss-tero. You heard me.

Lil Nas X said he wants Aussie children’s band The Wiggles to perform with him and I would desperately like to see it.

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