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Madonna’s comments on ‘Sex’ spark debate among music fans

Long the center of controversy, Madonna's latest comments about her book 'Sex' sparked internet fire.

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Madonna published the “coffee table” book Sex exactly 30 years ago almost to the day. Of course, that’s something special for the megastar to comment on. In recognition of the moment, she posted a story about it on Instagram, and now fans as well as some celebrities are chiming into the conversation.

Fan @mattxiv shared the post that Madonna published on her Instagram. It’s hard to argue with the iconic artist who has made many headlines and has been called many things by her haters who despised that she was breaking the mold and going against all that should and shouldn’t be expected of women. Calling out Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus shouldn’t have anyone shocked, but one of those celebrities had something to say about it.

In a tweet that has been since deleted, Cardi B snapped back, “She can make her point without putting clown emojis and getting slick out the mouth. These icons really become disappointments once u make it in the industry that’s why I keep to myself.” Fans of Cardi B caught the vibe.

Cardi B fan @Weneseo1 wasn’t the only one. That’s the sentiment among most of Cardi’s adoring fans. Why did Madonna feel she needed to take that tone and deliver her message in a way that seemed she was putting down a new generation of artists?

It appears that Cardi and Madonna squashed that real quick. They are both queens and they should adjust each other’s crowns. That’s the way the say it today and that’s how it should be.

It’s such a great thing the beef was over before it really even got started. Madonna is a great icon who deserves to be on the pedestal right where she is. Other stars are just trying to get there, and it makes better sense to lift them up while they’re on their way.

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