Mark Hamill proves the force isn’t strong with Donald Trump’s new NFTs

Photo by Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for Make-A-Wish / TrumpCards

Mark Hamill has made an incredibly apt comparison to explain exactly why Donald Trump’s latest strange venture is complete nonsense and unbecoming of a former president.

While it’s pretty easy to make fun of Trump thanks to the man’s absolute lack of self-awareness and a cult-like following, sometimes he’ll do something so strange it’ll feel like a parody. The announcement of Trump NFTs looks for all the world like a headline from The Onion.

Arguably Trump’s most vocal celebrity critic Mark Hamill has gone in to prove yet again why it’s such a joke. The Star Wars icon compared Trump’s announcement incredibly unfavorably with Joe Biden. Biden, clearly tweeting to mock Trump, had actually important things to announce.

Hamill quote-tweeted Biden contrasting the current president and Trump who is currently promoting glorified trading cards to his mass following. It truly is apples and oranges between Biden and Trump, even if you’re an immensely vocal critic of Biden’s time in office.

Trump’s hopes to return to office will be very publicized and equally criticized from his opponents. Figures like Hamill and Stephen King’s mockery of the former game show host is keeping the public very aware of what is going on, especially those who may not have such a keen interest in politics otherwise.

The NFT collection from Trump feels pretty desperate. The cryptocurrency and NFT hype has died out quite a lot, with the lack of governance and oversight one of its major issues. Trump joining the scheme could easily kill it, or be the thing which propels it back into safety.