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Mark Hamill roasts Herschel Walker for confusing ‘Fright Night’ vampire speech

The Republican candidate referred to 'Fright Night' and vampires as an inspiration.

Mark Hamil roasts Hershel Walker of confusing vampire laden speach
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Halloween might be over, but vampires are still firmly in the news thanks to a bizarre speech from Republican candidate Herschel Walker which Mark Hamill has suitably roasted.

Walker is currently a candidate in the 2022 senate elections for Georgia, with the former NFL player currently set for a run-off between him and Democrat Raphael Warnock for the senate. Neither breached 50 percent of the vote, so the heat is still very much on to find out the winner.

Rallying his supporters, Walker spoke of how he watched the 1985 horror film Fright Night (which he erroneously referred to as Freak Night) and referred to vampires as “cool people” in a speech just about as confusing as the American electoral college. Fittingly, Mark Hamill was there to make fun of him, calling him out for being more concerned with vampires than healthcare.

Frankly, whatever’s going on inside Walker’s mind is something truly unfit for the world to fully comprehend. He may be the first political candidate in human history to refer to Fright Night or vampires in a speech, so perhaps he’s just an insane movie buff on the side.

Hamill loves to mock the most bizarre moments and people of the Republican Party, with him one of the first to make fun of Donald Trump after he announced his 2024 campaign for president. You can’t deny Hamill’s likeliness to his character Luke Skywalker, with him also standing up for the good fight.

If, like Walker, you want to watch Fright Night, it’s currently available to stream on AMC Plus and Amazon Prime Video.

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