Marvel fans dish how they feel about Oscar Isaac’s performance as ‘Moon Knight’ reaches its end

oscar isaac moon knight performance
Photo by Gabor Kotchy. ©Marvel Studios 2022.

The MCU series Moon Knight ended (or has it?) and people are applauding its lead actor. Oscar Isaac assumed three different identities, including the titular superhero, for his performance. That accomplishment has not been lost on fans.

A Reddit thread, which has 12,700 upvotes and counting, has seen users heap praise on the actor. U/aretasdemon said that Isaac is, simply, an “acting stud.”

“The man is an acting stud. It’s crazy cause I always felt he was a great actor, but watching him in this show, making me feel things I felt and changing acting personas with three different characters one more subtle than the other 2. BRAVO Issac, BRAVO”.

Other fans responded with “Every Wednesday I’d get up and watch Moon Knight and be awed by the different roles he swapped between” and “Issac [sic] really took the characters from being an unknown (to me) to being one of my favorite superhero adaptations in history.”

On Twitter, the acclaim is the same.

As for a potential season two, one fan is “cautiously optimistic at best” since “the only live-action [MCU] show so far to get a second season . . . is Loki.”

Regardless of Moon Knight‘s longevity, many are hoping the complexity of Isaac’s performance will be recognized by the establishment.

“If Oscar doesn’t get some Emmy/Golden Globe nods for his acting in this, we riot,” proclaimed Reddit user CaptainAaron96.

Judge the performance for yourself by watching the six-episode series on Disney Plus now.