The demand for Deadpool and Spider-Man to kiss again at the Golden Globes has returned

Ryan Reynolds Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Deadpool
Gareth Cattermole / Amy Sussman / Getty Images / Marvel Comics

Out of all of the obvious moments that could happen during the 2023 Golden Globes tonight, one less obvious moment is heating up film buffs all around the country — and that has to do with the possibility of Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and The Amazing Spider-Man heartthrob Andrew Garfield locking lips for a second time. And yes, don’t adjust your screen, you read that right — a second kiss.

Over on Twitter, as the anticipation for the Globes quickly gains traction, one user referred to a rather passionate moment of the past between the two actors. The aforementioned moment, which garnered plenty of attention back in 2017, features Reynolds and Garfield locking lips in a playful fashion. The situation apparently unfolded after Garfield jokingly insisted that Reynolds give him a kiss first if he won, rather than his wife Blake Lively — and Reynolds unapologetically took the dare.

Fast forward six years, and fans are just as ever enthralled by the idea of the two re-creating their infamous kiss, despite the entire ordeal being a harmless joke. Still, the interest is undoubtedly strong, with the replies chock-full of eager fans hoping for a second kiss. Maybe it’ll even happen in 4K during this time around.

While the chance of these two sharing a kiss for a second time feels incredibly unlikely, perhaps an innocent hug will be enough to satisfy fans’ desires. That is, unless a future Spider-Man and Deadpool meeting with both actors at the helm explores their intriguing dynamic. We won’t hold our breath, of course, but you can surely never say never.