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Tom Hanks uncharacteristically loses his cool after unruly fans almost knock over his wife Rita Wilson

'Back the fuck off! Knocking over my wife?!'

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson walking arm-in-arm in formal wear.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Tom Hanks may be one of the most universally beloved actors on the planet, known not just for his 40-plus decade-spanning career, but for being an all-around kind, generous human being who is generally gracious when encountering fans.

However, even Hanks can be pushed too far, as a hoard of unruly fans learned the hard way by swarming the Elvis actor and his wife, actress Rita Wilson.

According to TMZ, Hanks and Wilson were out and about in New York City on Wednesday night, where they were followed by a group of fans as they were making their way to their car. As you can see in the below video, one fan came a little too close to Wilson and tripped her from behind, nearly causing her to lose her balance and knocking her to the ground.

“My wife?” the 65-year-old yelled, turning on the crowd. “Back the fuck off! Knocking over my wife?!”

A couple of the onlookers offered apologies, though Hanks was clearly still incensed as he entered the vehicle.

As one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting couples, Hanks and Wilson have been married for 34 years after meeting on the set of Bosom Buddies in 1981. And clearly, there’s a reason for this, as jeopardizing her safety is evidently the one thing that can cause him to pop off and lose his cool.

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