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What is Ryan Reynolds’ net worth?

Ryan Reynolds is raking in the big bucks thanks to numerous business pursuits and a thriving career in Hollywood.

Ryan Reynolds
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One of the comedy and action world’s most beloved actors, Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood’s more persistent stars.

A singularly well-liked name in the acting world, Reynolds has maintained his position at the top of celebrity popularity for several decades now. He’s long been known as a master of comedy, following years of performances in hits like National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, but soon skipped across genre lines and proved himself a champion of action as well. His role in films like Blade: Trinity, alongside roles in increasingly popular films like Waiting, saw Reynolds build the skills he needed to blend genres in the coming years.

These days, Reynolds most often appears in comedy-laced action flicks, like the superb Deadpool films and 2021’s Free Guy. He’s also branched out as a producer and entrepreneur, lending his specific brand of wit, intelligence, and passion to a number of companies. With ownership stakes in Mint Mobile, Aviation Gin, and now MNTN Software, Reynolds has transformed into a burgeoning tycoon, expanding far from his roots as an actor.

Between his shift into business and his sharp rise in popularity following the release of Deadpool, Reynolds’ income has seen a major boost in recent years. Here’s what the popular actor is worth.

Ryan Reynolds’ net worth

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively - Getty
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Even without the added income from his famous wife, Reynolds is worth more than $100 million. His business pursuits, along with a lengthy career as a Hollywood favorite, have secured a solid future for Reynolds and the three children he shares with Blake Lively.

The Adam Project actor currently boasts a net worth of $150 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This number includes a number of Reynolds’ assets, including a $6 million New York property. It’s assumed that Reynolds has a stake of around 20 percent in Aviation Gin, according to Celebrity Net Worth, which likely means that the actor has already made a good few million off of the partnership. His other business ventures likely pay nearly as well, and that’s on top of his income from acting. Reynolds made $22 million in 2017 alone, elevating him to one of the year’s highest earners, and may have made as much as $40 million for Deadpool 2.

The personality and star power behind Reynolds has aided immensely in allowing his companies to grow. He often appears in charming, cheeky ads for all of his related businesses, boosting interest among his many fans. Reynolds has a carefully-crafted public identity, one that appears to genuinely reflect who he is as a person. Unlike far too many of his Hollywood peers, Reynolds remains an unproblematic and seemingly friendly celebrity, one who has formed a number of close friendships with his co-stars over the years.

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