What is the Addison Rae lip gloss trend? Explained

Addison Rae blowing a kiss at the camera
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

There’s a reason Addison Rae has become so popular on social media platforms. The influencer currently has over 4.44 million subscribers on YouTube, 39.3 million followers on Instagram, and 88.9 million followers on TikTok. She knows how to connect with her audiences by being herself, sharing her personality, and being a total trendsetter.

When it comes to fashion, makeup, and beauty, Addison is certainly ahead of the game in those areas. The lip gloss trend she started has people everywhere in the world talking. She somehow made the application of typical makeup so much more interesting. These are the details.

What is the Addison Rae lip gloss trend?

Addison shook things up on social media when she opened up a tube of lip gloss while biting on the product. The reason she did this in the first place is that she was filming a selfie video using one hand to hold her phone to record. Since she didn’t have a second hand available to open her lip gloss, her only option was to use her teeth.

After Addison posted a video of herself opening her lipgloss with her teeth, thousands of copycat videos popped up on TikTok and Instagram from fans who wanted to try the exact same technique for views and clout. Addison choosing to open her lip gloss tube with her teeth might remind the older crowd of Molly Ringwald’s character from The Breakfast Club. She opened up her lipstick and placed it in her cleavage to apply it while in detention with a group of other students.

Addison Rae launched another viral trend

Photo via Footwear News

Another popular trend the social media starlet has been behind in recent years involves a bit of illusion. Addison has been known to leave the house wearing oversized T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts with short shorts underneath.

Since her shorts always tend to be so tiny, it often looks like she isn’t wearing pants at all. The “no-pants” trend has blown up in popularity, thanks to Addison. Whether she decides to rock a pair of slides, or sneakers with socks tucked in, the main thing on display is always her legs.

Her short shorts underneath her longer tops give off a casual vibe that is totally unmatched. Seeing Addison ditch long jeans, leggings, and sweatpants in exchange for short shorts has been incredibly common for the influencer, even during the winter season. Fans know that they can always look to Addison for beauty and fashion ideas.