What is the viral TikTok hearts hearts trend? Explained

TikTok Hearts Hearts
Screengrab via TikTok/justinbieber/lorengray/glitter.ghoul

Social media always has challenges and viral sensations that when they take off, everyone gets involved and jumps on the bandwagon. A new trend known as TikTok hearts hearts is fun to try, and it begins with a Justin Bieber song he released in 2022 called “I Feel Funny.”

The song proves that all the talented megastar has to do is have a few keys on the piano, add percussion, and include an organ that sounds like a nursery rhyme to make a hit that 5.8 million fans have watched on YouTube alone. The 29-year-old Canadian singer—known for hits like “Peaches,” “Love Yourself,” “Ghost,” and “STAY”—seems to turn everything he touches into gold. That’s true, even of “I Feel Funny,” the just-over-a-minute song behind this viral trend.

The TikTok hearts hearts sensation has a trippy element to it though, and that’s what really has fans mesmerized. When the TikTokers lip sync the lyrics on the line “All these hearts (hearts, hearts),” mouthing “All these hearts” looks like mouthing “hearts hearts” with the right camera work. Read on for how to to make it happen.

Where it all started

That’s the song this trend is about and now watch it in action.


Once you see it you cant unsee it

♬ I Feel Funny – Justin Bieber

No. Those girls aren’t twins. She used a special feature on TikTok to duplicate herself. Then, she slowed the recording down and learned how to lip sync the song in slow motion. That creates the effect, but here’s a fan who took the time to demonstrate how it works.

It doesn’t matter how many times a TikToker watches, it’s amazing every time. Not only are endless TikTokers giving it a try but each of them is getting impressive views.

When they try it, the effect messes with their minds. Try it. Watch it. Get freaked out like everyone else.

Even when a TikToker tries to downplay it, the lyrics beat them every time. Don’t hate the game. Just enjoy it. This one tried to soften on the lyrics and it didn’t go the way she thought.


Omg it does! @brookemonk_

♬ I Feel Funny – Justin Bieber

How it works is still a mystery. Who figured it out first is hard to tell. TikTokers are just enjoying the trend for the moment, because there hasn’t been one this good in a while.


Why does the inverted me look like a different person #fyp #fypシ゚viral🖤tiktok

♬ I Feel Funny – Justin Bieber

This fan just loves the song and she has every right.


attack me in the comments i don’t care i like it

♬ I Feel Funny – Justin Bieber

How much effort went into making the song, only Justin Bieber knows. It probably was about a five-minute session between recording serious songs, but look at all the fun it brought TikTok. Until the next.