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What was Howie Mandel’s deleted TikTok video? Howie Mandel prolapse video, explained

Howie Mandel is trending on Twitter for his recent TikTok post and, yikes.

Howie Mandel
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If you’re wondering just exactly why people are suddenly talking about comedian Howie Mandel‘s TikTok you may want to exercise a little caution in your search for an answer. The comedian recently shocked his followers on the social media platform by showing a video of a person with a prolapsed rectum.

The America’s Got Talent judge’s TikTok account has many posts which show Mandel reacting to other videos on the platform, many of which have been altered with one of the service’s many filters. None of them are as shocking nor as anatomically precise as his most recent, now-deleted post, a censored version of which can be seen below.

The video shows the comedian speaking alongside a picture of a person visibly suffering from the ailment. “This happened” when a friend bent over, Mandel states in the video. “Does somebody know, is this COVID related? And if it is, what do we do about it?”

It’s not known how many people saw the video before it was taken down, either by Mandel himself or TikTok. Mandel boasts 9.9 Million followers.

Some of Mandel’s followers have looked for answers on Mandel’s remaining most recent posts. “u gonna say something about that one TikTok?” one user posted. Another commented, “My brother in Christ, we can’t just skip over the issue at hand.” Another, who left his response on a video showing Mandel’s recent lawn treatment stated, “yea, grass very interesting, I’m definitely not scared for life from that last vid.”

The post has already made Mandel trend on Twitter as mildly-traumatized users ask themselves why, why God why, he made the post.

Mandel has offered no comment regarding the post at this time. At least the post has been deleted. Perhaps Howie should stick to inflating rubber gloves over his head in the future.

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