10 Alternate Versions Of Superman You Need To Know About


We all know the basic tenets of Superman‘s character. He’s the Last Son of Krypton, raised in Smallville, Kansas, works for the Daily Planet, loves Lois Lane, etc. Except sometimes, these things don’t apply.

Just like Batman – as we explored in another list – several comics have played with the Superman character and totally rebooted him from the ground-up, exploring fascinating “what if?” scenarios and dropping him into different environments. From Tarzan Superman to British Superman to Amish Superman (yes, really), it feels like just about every conceivable re-imagining of the character has been attempted at some point.

The latest story arc in Peter Tomasi’s current run in Superman comics is ‘Multiplicity,’ which unites a multitude of Supermen from the Multiverse against a common threat. As it’s a story that celebrates the many reinventions of the Man of Steel that there have been over the years, we thought we’d do the same and bring you 10 of the most shocking and unlikely alternative Supermen in the history of DC comics.