10 Awesome Additions From Marvel’s Star Wars Comics That You Need To Know About

10) You The Daddy


Let’s start with one of the most celebrated additions of the comics. In The Empire Strikes Back, we see Luke find out that Darth Vader is his father – but we don’t ever see the pivotal moment when Vader discover that Luke is his son. That must have been quite a shock, considering that the Emperor had told him that he had died in Revenge of the Sith. 

This wrong was finally righted, however, in the early issues of the comic, as Darth investigates the identity of his enemy. First, he’s surprised to find Luke with his old lightsaber in Star Wars #2. So, in Darth Vader #1 he sends Boba Fett after Luke in order to find out who he is. In Star Wars #6, Fett returns with the news that the boy is called Skywalker.

The moment when Vader finally realizes the truth is well worth the wait. The Sith Lord simply repeats the name and, in a vestige of his human feeling, crunches his fist in grief, cracking the glass on the viewing port in the process.

9) Yoda’s Secret War

Star Wars 27

One strength of the comics is their breadth of scope, with the many series encompassing different parts of Star Wars mythology – including the time-frame of the original trilogy, the modern movies or the gap between the original trilogy and the prequels.

Yoda’s Secret War dips into the often overlooked pre-prequel era. Set before The Phantom Menace, the series sees Yoda go solo as he sets out across the galaxy to answer the call of the Force, first to seek out a child with strong Force abilities and then to a mysterious planet with some dangerous inhabitants. The Jedi master also shows off some interesting new Force powers in the comic, including controlling two bodies at once and making them fight.

We’ve seen different sides of Yoda in the movies – the lone exile and the grand master – but in these comics we get to see a slightly younger Yoda in his prime Jedi days of travelling around and righting wrongs in the Force.