10 Fantastic Superheroes From The Future


For a genre that continually reboots itself to retain the status quo, superhero comics sure do spend a lot of time wondering what will happen to their characters down the road. Visiting an alternate vision of the timeline or some dark – sometimes it’s good, but mostly not – future is a favourite pastime of many comic books. Naturally, then, a heap of superheroes who are citizens of centuries into the future have been created over the years, usually finding their way back into the past – er, present – to meet up with the original heroes that inspired them.

Mixing time travel and superheroes is gaining a lot of traction on screen of late, what with Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash playing with introducing characters from the future. In film, we had X-Men: Days of Future Past not too long ago and we’re about to meet Cable in the next Deadpool movie (something you’ll learn over this list is that the X-Men franchise loves its time travel).

So, join us and travel into the unknown as we take a look at the very best superheroes who come from the future.