10 Fantastic Superheroes From The Future


Lots of superheroes can time travel – Superman, The Flash – but Rip Hunter’s whole shtick is that he traverses the fourth dimension and attempts to keep the timeline on track.

Originally created by Jack Miller and Ruben Moreira in 1959, Rip was initially portrayed as a present-day man who goes travelling through time in a Time Sphere of his own invention. Taking a group of his friends with him, they become the Time Masters. Since then, the character has been retooled and revitalized at various points. Currently, he’s a native of the 25th century and has been revealed as the son of fellow time travelling hero Booster Gold.

Rip Hunter is also portrayed as a citizen of the future in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Played by Arthur Darvill, Rip hails from the 22nd century and is member of the Time Masters – here imagined as a council of time travellers sworn to protect the timeline. Oh, and he’s currently evil.

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