Super Friends: 10 Of The Best Comic Book Teams Ever


Sometimes just one superhero isn’t enough to save the day. Or, at least, sell a lot of issues. Across the decades, comic book companies have repeatedly pulled their most popular heroes together in order to rake in more sales and ramp up the cash. On the one hand, it’s often a financially-motivated exercise, but hey, that doesn’t take away from the fact that us fans love crossovers.

Besides, superhero team-ups have resulted in some of the most exciting comics of all-time. With more superheroes involved, the stakes are higher, the drama is raised and the amount of punches flying around increases exponentially. These teams can either be a union of some of the legendary characters still going strong, or a bunch of bargain-bin heroes you’ve never heard of individually; either way, a team of superheroes is generally better than just one single individual.

So, on that note, we’ve gone back and looked through the many, many teams that populate the comic book world and chosen the 10 absolute best. Before we being though, we should note that we won’t be taking into account the various adaptations in other media during this list – we’ll only be basing the rankings off the status of the teams in the comic book world. Also, this list is almost all Marvel and DC, due to their dominance, so commiserations to the likes of WildStorm’s The Authority and Valiant’s Harbingers.