10 Awesome Superheroes Without Superpowers


9) The Spirit


You might have had the misfortune of seeing The Spirit, the execrable 2008 movie from Frank Miller and starring Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson. If you have (and you have our sympathies), you’re probably wondering why The Spirit is on this list – seeing as he possesses the pretty handy superpower of immortality.

Well, actually, that facet of his character was made up for the film. Throughout his long comic strip history dating back to 1940, The Spirit AKA Denny Colt has usually been portrayed as a non-powered vigilante. In fact, with his past as a detective and his snappy blue suit and fedora, he’s more of a super-sleuth than an actual superhero. His traditional origin does involve him coming back from the dead, but only due to him being mistakenly diagnosed.

The creation of comic book legend Will Eisner, The Spirit’s pulp-y, globe-trotting adventures – full of femme fatales and evil master villains – have ensured his longevity and huge influence on the rise of heroes over the past several decades.

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