10 Superheroes With Awesome Super-Powered Kids

Superhero comics have been going on for so many decades by now that, even in the weirdly timeless world of comic books, we’ve seen many of our favourite heroes grow up. Over the years, we’ve followed them from the early days of their superheroism, where they generally struggled to balance their everyday lives with their alter egos, to the point where they had longterm partners and even kids.

Naturally, these super-sprogs take after their parents and often inherit the heroic instinct and desire to wear colourful tights. More often that not, they eventually take up their parent’s superhero mantle. For instance, Connor Hawke replaced his pops Oliver Queen as Green Arrow. On the other hand, they can sometimes rise higher than their ma and pa; in the future, Danielle Cage – daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones – will become the next Captain America.

These are just two examples of the many super-powered kids in Marvel and DC comics, though. From Superboy to Spider-Girl, join us as we take a look at the best superhero sons and daughters. As always, if we’ve missed one of your favourites, be sure to remind us in the comments section.