8 Great Comic Book Characters That Haven’t Made Live-Action Appearances



Let’s start with a biggie off the bat. The Main Man has been noticeably absent from the DC film calendars over the years for inexplicable reasons. It’s rather shocking when you consider he’s the perfect answer to Deadpool, and he could’ve been the most popular antihero before the Merc with the Mouth stole the moviegoers’ hearts (and wallets).

There were talks of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being in deep discussions to portray Lobo in a film, with Guy Ritchie directing, but those plans rapidly deteriorated into nothingness. But imagine this had happened for one second. That dream team could’ve given us one of the most unique and stylized comic book movies of all-time.

While it’s likely that the galactic bounty hunter might appear in the DCEU at some point – I’d bet on an appearance in the Green Lantern Corp project – he’s worthy of something much bigger. Do we need a solo Lobo film in our lives? Absolutely. Let’s hope the rumblings of Jason Fuchs writing a script for the Main Man end up being true.

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