8 Theories About How Watchmen Fits Into The DC Rebirth Universe

8) Wally West Is Key

Kid Flash

Wally West’s return was a huge part of DC Rebirth, especially as the fan-favourite speedster had been wiped from continuity as a result of The New 52 reboot back in 2011. With a new Wally taking his place and no one having any memory of his time as Kid-Flash (until he restores those lost years with a touch), the character has since made it his mission to find out what caused those five years of history to vanish and create a new DC Universe where the heroes are younger, less experienced, and have vastly different relationships.

He’s hinted again and again that the all-powerful Dr. Manhattan is somehow responsible, so when the time comes to take on that iconic Watchmen character, chances are it will be Wally who leads the charge. It could even be his knowledge of his interference with the timeline that leads to the reappearance of Dr. Manhattan, kicking off what’s sure to be a blockbuster event.

Also, something DC Rebirth has so far omitted is the time he spent as the Flash when Barry Allen died, so it’ll be fun to see if that somehow comes into play as well here.