8 Things About Batman That DC Wants You To Forget

8) He Starved KGBeast

“I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you,” said Batman.

Alright, so starving someone to death is okay then, Bruce? If so, then half of Africa’s dictators are all swell people since they haven’t technically killed a soul. Once again, with this statement, the Bat proves he’s one of the biggest hypocrites around.

In Jim Starlin’s “Ten Nights of the Beast” storyline, Batman came up against an unstoppable KGBeast. No matter what he did, the Beast had his number and delivered a beatdown on Gotham’s premier vigilante. So, what did the Dark Knight do? He tricked KGBeast into a room with no exit and left him there – without food or water. Basically, he left the guy to starve to death. Nice, right?

When the next Batman writer, Marv Wolfman, came onboard, he did try his best to change this narrative saying that Batman went back for the criminal, but the impact was lasting. Starlin was prepared to leave us with the impression that the Dark Knight did the unthinkable to KGBeast.

7) He Let Blue Beetle Die

One of the things that we all know about Batman is that he isn’t the friendliest of chaps. Quite often, he’s just plain rude and a dick. However, there was a time when his curt behavior actually resulted in someone dying. The worst part was, it happened to a fellow superhero.

In Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, and Judd Winick’s “Countdown to Infinite Crisis,” Blue Beetle discovered something mysterious called the O.M.A.C. Project and tried to get the rest of his super-brethren to check it out, but they all ignored his pleas. However, it was Batman who treated Beetle as if he were some form of nuisance, dismissing him before he could even explain what he suspected. The reason for his obnoxious behavior, though, is because he never took the Beetle seriously as a hero before. Well, you know what they say about assumptions…

So, as it turns out, Beetle investigated the mystery by himself, which led to him being murdered after what he’d uncovered. And Batman could’ve prevented it all had he only listened to him. He’s an excellent fighter, detective, and tactician, but the Dark Knight is probably one of the worst friends you could ever have.