8 Things Marvel Is Doing Wrong With Their Comic Book Universe

8) A Lack Of A-List Talent


It would be unfair to say that Marvel doesn’t have a lot of very talented writers and artists, but it’s impossible not to notice just how much talent they’ve lost in recent years to both DC Comics and companies which put a focus on creator-owned content like Image Comics. As a result, we’re seeing a lot of unknowns working on various title with mixed results and the same old names outstaying their welcome on various other series and event books.

It’s been said that 2017 will see Marvel make a concerted effort to bring back the likes of Rick Remender and Jonathan Hickman, but whether or not they’ll succeed remains to be seen. It’s obviously important for the publisher to create new A-List talent, but in the meantime, they’re in desperate need of writers and artists fans will gravitate towards, especially as creative teams have become a bigger draw than the characters themselves in recent years. That’s particularly the case among longtime fans that Marvel’s recent creative decisions have alienated.