Action Comics Writer Talks Superman Reborn Aftermath In New Video


Should you ever need proof as to why Action Comics is currently one of DC’s best titles, you pretty much need only pick up any issue penned by Dan Jurgens, who’s undoubtedly one of the greatest writers to touch the Man of Steel within the past thirty years. And, not surprisingly, the latest offering continues that trend.

Had you read the previous issue that served as the finale for “Superman Reborn,” you’d know that one of the biggest continuity shakeups in recent memory occurred as Supermen pre and post-Flashpoint were united into one being, while their respective histories were also apparently merged. How this will logically work out is beyond my grasp at this point as their backgrounds are so markedly different, but at least we’ve begun to get our first hints.

In the latest episode of DC All Access, co-host Jason Inman grills Jurgens regarding such matters. Although the scribe isn’t at liberty to spill too many beans, he does briefly discuss how the next few issues will begin to detail which elements of Big Blue’s background are now canonical. So far, we’ve seen what happened on Krypton as well as his landing in Smallville, with some nods toward Birthright and Secret Origin. Still, we may need to very well brace ourselves for some twists as the next few weeks pass.

Furthermore, Jurgens talks a little about Superman’s villains going all Sinister Six on him with this revenge squad of sorts that’ll be causing him some major headaches in the coming months. Plus, something else is teased that could tie into Rebirth’s greatest mysteries, perhaps even those involving the Watchmen characters.

Action Comics #977 is now available in comic shops. For more, be sure to check out our review.