Rescue Will Return In Her New MCU Outfit In Iron Man 2020


Up until its release, Disney and Marvel Studios did a good job in keeping Avengers: Endgame spoilers under wraps. We knew a few things about the movie, like that Hawkeye would be taking on the more violent Ronin persona and that time travel would play a major part in the plot, but how things were actually going to go down remained a secret right up until premiere night.

One thing we were sure of early on though was that Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts would finally be suiting up as Rescue. That’s because the actress shared an image of her relaxing after the shoot in which she was wearing the exact type of mocap suit that Robert Downey Jr. wears in his armor. Soon after posting this, it was taken down, with Paltrow presumably having received a call from Marvel Studios higher-ups telling her to knock it off. But the cat was well and truly out of the bag, so nobody was particularly surprised when she appeared in full armor for the final battle.

However, as cool as it was to finally see her all suited up, it was disappointing that she got so little time to shine. Sure, there was that awesome moment where the pair were back to back firing repulsor blasts at Thanos’ army, but it was all over too soon. And with Robert Downey Jr. now having departed the MCU, it seems unlikely that Rescue will return.

But not so in Marvel Comics! The upcoming Iron Man 2020 focuses on the fallout from her relationship with Tony Stark and this coming March, we’ll be getting a new two-issue miniseries (written by Dana Schwartz and illustrated by Jacen Burrows) to go along with it that sees Pepper suiting up, with the synopsis describing it as so:

“Pepper Potts moved on from Tony Stark. She’s getting her life together, finding her place in the world. Unfortunately, that’s exactly when Tony Stark decides it’s time for a full-tilt, full-blown meltdown. And if Pepper can’t suit up and save the day, Tony is toast.”

Sounds pretty cool, right? Unlikely as it might seem, we’ve also got our fingers crossed that we might yet see Gwyneth Paltrow all suited up one more time in the MCU, too. Sure, the actress did say she was done with the role a while back, but when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you never really know.

Tell us, though, do you plan on picking up Iron Man 2020 when it drops on store shelves early next year? Sound off in the usual place down below.