Az-Bats Returns! 7 Bat-Terrific Moments From Detective Comics #962

This article contains minor spoilers.

The finale of James Tynion IV’s “Intelligence” storyline is here. In Detective Comics #962, the Azrael-centric arc comes to a dramatic close, but that’s not all, folks. After all the teasers and hints, the moment that every single Knighfall fan has been waiting for has finally arrived. Yes, Az-Bats is back, baby!

It’s a welcome slice of nostalgia for longterm fans of Jean-Paul Valley and his run as the Batman in the ’90s. However, we’re pleased to say it isn’t only a glorified tribute but also serves the purpose of furthering Tynion’s narrative. There’s a genuine excitement to this issue – a real throwback to the golden days when Denny O’Neil ruled the comic book roost and churned out classic after classic. Whether this book stands the test of time and becomes legendary, only history will know the answer, but it’s certainly got a head start over many of its competitors.

Starting on the next page, we’ll be sifting through the best moments of Detective Comics #962, so please be warned that you’re about to step into spoiler territory. If you’d prefer to read the issue first, do yourself a favor and bookmark this page for future reading. If you have read it already or don’t mind the spoilers, sound off in the usual place. We’d love to hear what you thought of it.