Az-Bats Returns! 7 Bat-Terrific Moments From Detective Comics #962

Az-Bats Begins

Tynion makes us wait until page nine before he unleashes Az-Bats, but it’s well worth the wait. As the rest of the Bat Family swats away Ascalon and his pesky minions, Azrael waits for the perfect opportunity to make a dramatic entrance. Looking like he went to the Axl Rose School for the Fashionably Late and learned all these bad habits from the ageing Guns N’ Roses lead singer, he pops up at the eleventh hour.

Fortunately, when he does rock up for battle, he changes the complexion of it for the better. While he isn’t the one who eventually defeats Ascalon and raises his arms triumphantly, it’s fair to say that he did lay all the groundwork for the eventual “team” victory. Hey, at least it wasn’t Batman who stole the show again for the millionth time, right?

Seeing Azrael in the classic suit is a sight for sore eyes and Alvaro Martinez made sure to include a few throwback poses and moves from the ol’ days for good measure, too. If you’re a fan of this character and his history in the Batverse, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear come the end of the issue. That’s a promise.