The Bad Guys Take Charge In Secret Empire Villain Variants

We all know that Marvel has a lot going on in 2017, but it’s certainly hard to talk about anything on the comic book side of things without getting around Secret Empire. Not only is this major crossover event everything Captain America: Steve Rogers has been building to since last spring, but it will undoubtedly have major ramifications on the Marvel Universe as a whole once it concludes.

Not long ago, we were treated to looks at several covers for the first few issues, but it was probably safe to assume that more variants would be on the way. Well, if you were of that school of thought, you were 100% correct.

Not to be confused with Andrea Sorrentino’s “Hydra Heroes” motif, the Secret Empire Villain Variants are a different beast entirely and will be brought to us by none other than Dan Mora (Klaus). Beginning with issue #1 in May, each will see the following baddie enjoy the spotlight:

  • Issue #1 – Madame Hydra
  • Issue #2 – TOP SECRET
  • Issue #3 – Arnim Zola
  • Issue #4 – Baron Zemo
  • Issue #5 – Magneto
  • Issue #6 – Crossbones & Sin
  • Issue #7 – Baron Mordo
  • Issue #8 – Taskmaster & Black Ant
  • Issue #9 – Kingpin

As of now, we can offer glimpses at five of the first six covers (check out the gallery at the top), and they’re pretty impressive. Unfortunately, the second cover is being kept under wraps for the most part, but judging by the pose of that silhouette, we’re half-expecting it to be a character related to Spider-Man. But no matter the outcome, you can bet that we’ll be discussing it and all other major news pertaining to Secret Empire in the coming months, so stay tuned.