Bane: Conquest #1 Lettered Preview Arrives

Sure, the market may be flooded with books from the superhero’s point of view and, while those are certainly great, it’s nice to switch it up every now and then by examining things from the villain’s perspective. As luck would have it, we’ll be able to see what life is like on the other side of the luchador mask when Bane: Conquest officially kicks off in a few short weeks.

While many are relishing the opportunity to take in something focusing primarily on someone who’s arguably Batman’s most dangerous foe, this twelve-issue limited series is made doubly special by the fact that Bane’s original creators – writer Chuck Dixon and artist Graham Nolan – are making their return in order to give us the most definitive tale possible.

A couple months back, the first images and details for this project surfaced, but they were unlettered and watermarked. Fortunately, we’re finally able to present some lettered interiors now that the book’s release is drawing nearer. Granted, we can’t glean too much of the plot from what’s given, but it’s obvious that Bane isn’t playing it nice following the events of Batman‘s latest story arc and apparently no longer has the time to shave his shoulders.

While it remains unclear as to how much will carry over from Tom King and David Finch’s “I am Bane,” it is for certain that this does take place within current Rebirth continuity, so don’t expect something removed like, say, Neal Adams’ Batman: Odyssey.

Bane: Conquest #1 arrives in comic shops on May 3.