Batman #24 Already Slated For Second Printing With Retouched Cover

Batman 24

If you’ve been following comic book related news even if only in the slightest this week, then you’re likely aware of the bombshell that DC dropped in Batman #24. Had you not, then you’re about to be brought up to speed. Long story short, after decades of courtship, the Dark Knight actually got down on one knee and proposed to his sometimes lover and partner in vigilantism, Catwoman.

Now, some diehard fans have been quick to point out that this has happened before, but they’re both right and wrong. In the past, the two icons have gotten married, but those instances were on another Earth, often leading to the conception of Helena Wayne/Huntress. This has actually carried over into other media, influencing the ill-fated Birds of Prey television series as well as a “what if” episode of the animated show Batman: The Brave and the Bold, only Damian was in Helena’s place.

Anyway, the reason this issue has been flying off shelves is because this marriage proposal is occurring within DC continuity proper, thus opening the gates to new storytelling possibilities, which I’m all for. And since Diamond Comic Distributors’s warehouse has already sold out of the book, Batman #24 is already being granted a second printing that’ll arrive in comic shops on June 21.

Don’t worry, David Finch’s cover art remains mostly intact, but there are a few minor changes. For one, it looks like the background has been recolored and, two, the phrase “marry me” is now proudly on display.

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