Batman And Superman Swap Costumes On Hilarious Double Date


By now, you don’t need us to tell you that Batman writer Tom King has been on a hot streak ever since penning the modern classic that was The War of Jokes and Riddles earlier this year. And aside from redefining some of the most iconic villains around, the scribe has since seen to it that the Dark Knight be engaged to Catwoman, effectively showing that he’s just as good at telling heartwarming tales as he is a riveting page-turner.

Not one to rest on his laurels, King returns this week to amaze readers with what may very well give last month’s Batman Annual #2 a run for its money in being the single best comic book I’ve read in all of 2017. Basically, the currently unfolding arc, “Super Friends,” lightens things up about following all that jazz with Talia al Ghul.

This time, though, we see Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent accompanied by their respective lady loves – Selina Kyle and Lois Lane – to a carnival, where they feel they’ll all get to know one another better because, as you know, Lois and Selina haven’t been around each other all that much. There’s just one catch, however: It’s a superhero-themed affair and costumes are mandatory.

And that’s where things get truly hilarious. Without spoiling much, Batman and Superman swap costumes in an effort to not look overly suspicious, with Clark even wearing his glasses over the cowl. Naturally, Lois and Selina do likewise, with the latter showing us just how she was able to be admitted in the gallery above.

Here’s what artist Clay Mann had to say to Entertainment Weekly about drawing this momentous issue:

“This issue, in particular, I didn’t feel like I was drawing Batman and Superman. They’re Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Lois Lane, and Selina Kyle. It didn’t feel like a Batman comic, but I guess that could a good thing for people who want something different or a little fun interjected into something more serious.”

From what you’ve been able to see here, the heroes may not have had much of a hard time squeezing into the other’s attire, but what fit them even better was King’s dialogue. All throughout, those who enjoy seeing Bruce and Clark as best buddies – and somewhat as sibling rivals – are in for a real treat. Not only that, but Lois and Selina bond in a such a way that makes them a “World’s Finest” duo in their own right.

Batman #37 is now available in comic shops.