Batman: White Knight To Contain Joker And Harley Quinn Nude Scene


So far, Batman: White Knight has captured the attention of readers everywhere, and understandably so (you can check out our review of the first issue here). Not only does it reexamine the effect that the Caped Crusader has on Gotham City as a whole, but it also sees the Joker seemingly cured of his insanity and running for public office. Really, you never know when the next Dark Knight Returns or Long Halloween might come around – but this may very well be it.

As writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy continues to explore whatever storytelling possibilities that a cured Joker might yield, it’ll obviously provide us with many talking points. Heck, we won’t soon forget how many heads turned when Warner Bros. gave him the green light to use the name of Jack Napier, which you may remember was previously likened to Jack Nicholson’s version of the Clown Prince of Crime in Tim Burton’s Batman flick.

Now, things will get all the more interesting as Napier attempts to rekindle his relationship with Harley Quinn, whom we imagine to be estranged from him in this universe just as she is in DC continuity proper. But given their checkered past in a variety of media and being associated with each other by fandom at large, it only makes sense that Murphy explore this avenue.

In some recent Instagram posts, he showed off a bit of early artwork confirming, that things will get hot and heavy between the two before long, perhaps in ways not previously seen outside of fan fiction and movies directed by Axel Braun. As you may recall, intimate encounters involving them have really only been hinted at or reminisced on in the past, so this instance of make-up sex is kind of charting new territory.

Batman: White Knight #2 arrives in comic shops on November 1.