Batman’s Tom King To Pen Mysterious New Series For DC This Summer


With Tom King currently topping Diamond’s sales charts with his work on Batman, it’s only expected that DC Entertainment offer him more work. And, should you be a fan of his writing, there appears to be much to look forward to as 2017 progresses.

Remaining on the subject of the Dark Knight, it was revealed by the author himself on the Word Balloon podcast that none other than Jason Fabok will be illustrating an arc on the flagship Batman title, which is thrilling news as I believe his renditions of the Caped Crusader to be among the best in the industry today. The duration of that storyline, however, remains to be seen.

Those of you who dig Vertigo should be pleased to learn that a follow-up to The Sheriff of Babylon is also in the cards but is about a year and a half away. Seeing as how it was one of the mature imprint’s best dramatic titles in recent memory, a sequel based on King’s real life experiences seems like a no-brainer.

But before then, expect him and artist Mitch Gerads to produce a superhero title for DC, which as of now, remains undisclosed. Bleeding Cool suggests that it could be very well be a revival of Legion of Superheroes as they point out that King recently sat on a panel at Baltimore Comic-Con that saw DC co-publisher Dan DiDio say someone in attendance will bring back said time travellers.

It’s highly possible that this will pan out as Bleeding Cool is often on the money and because a mysterious Legionnaire was seen locked up in Arkham Asylum in a recent issue of Batman. All we know for now though is that the book will come out in August. Until then, we’ll be sure to keep you posted when it comes to any new developments.