New Batman/Wonder Woman Series Reportedly In The Works


With Justice League set to arrive in cinemas in just under three weeks, it’s only understandable that the folks at DC Entertainment experience team-up fever. Sure, they may publish an ongoing comic of the same title featuring that very squad of superheroes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pare it down in other books by more intimately exploring the relationships between certain characters.

On that note, it comes as a most welcome surprise that a Batman/Wonder Woman ongoing series is said to be in the works. As you may recall, we’ve received similar series in the past, with Superman/Batman and Batman/Superman chronicling wacky science fiction adventures featuring the World’s Finest duo, as well as Superman/Wonder Woman, which dropped at a time when those two characters were romantically linked. Plus, we still have Trinity to enjoy, though that has a unique flavor of its own.

According to Bleeding Cool, this new title will unite the Dark Knight and Amazon Warrior, something we’re actually not used to seeing much outside of their Justice League adventures. Furthermore, fan favorite Liam Sharp will serve as the artist, whom you may be familiar with from his recent run on Wonder Woman alongside Greg Rucka. Apparently, the artwork he’s been teasing of late (seen above) is for this particular project.

As to what the content will entail, that’s anybody’s guess at this point, though it’s probably safe to assume that romance won’t be a factor. Even though other iterations of these heroes dated on the Justice League Unlimited animated series – and in the Dark Multiverse as illustrated by Batman: The Merciless #1 – it’s important we not forget that this Caped Crusader is currently engaged to Catwoman. That said, we’re expecting things to remain platonic.

Batman/Wonder Woman #1 is said to arrive in February of 2018.