DC Finally Debuted Batwoman Beyond This Week

Batman Beyond 39

Even if you’ve fallen behind when it comes to reading Batman Beyond comic books, now is the perfect time to climb back aboard. Basically, what you need to know is this: Terry McGinnis is missing and amnesiac, and the persona of Batman likewise hasn’t been heard from in Neo Gotham for a short while.

Now that you have that knowledge in your head, you’re ready to learn of how someone has apparently liberated the Batsuit from the Batcave. Of course, Terry’s brother, Matt, is ready to believe his sibling is alive and well and protecting the streets, but the situation is much more complicated than that.

As this mysterious new figure starts cleaning up messes around town, the media likewise assumes Batman is back in action. Yes, this is actually quite similar to what happened in the first few episodes of The CW’s Batwoman TV series, although it’s revealed to everyone by the end of the issue that, yes, a female has donned the costume.

If you’ve been following news pertaining to this title, then you’d already read solicits saying this was coming. However, we still don’t know who’s under the cowl. Bruce Wayne and Matt McGinnis can’t agree on whether it’s Barbara Gordon or Melanie Walker, so it’s probably safe to assume the masked vigilante is neither.

Still, you have to imagine that this mysterious young woman must know the truth of Batman’s identity, in addition to how to gain entrance to the Batcave. For all we know, it could be Kate Kane giving it another go-round. Either way, part of the fun is going along with the ride up until the big reveal drops.

Batman Beyond #37 is now available in comic shops. As always, we’ll keep you posted as this story unfolds.