Batwoman Scribes Discuss Upcoming Series


Since arriving on the scene around a decade ago, Batwoman has made quite the impact on the DC Universe and amassed a rather generous cult following. Having been handled by the likes of Greg Rucka, J.H. Williams III, and Marc Andreyko, the adventures of Kate Kane have explored the darker side of Gotham City, often dealing with supernatural and occult related elements.

Even though she plays a vital role in the current run of Detective Comics, her devoted followers have been clamoring for another solo series ever since the last one came to an abrupt end a few years back. And, most fortunate for them, another volume is finally on the way and should be handled with much care when you consider that James Tynion IV and Marguerite Bennett will be writing it. Not only that, but Steve Epting is on board to assure that adventures starring Batwoman keep their proud tradition of having world class artwork.

Speaking of which, Bennett recently told Comic Vine a little bit about what we can expect from the new venture:

“She’s going to have a supporting cast of her own, but we definitely want to see that Detective Comics is Gotham-centric. This is where the Bat Family is. This is where their heart is, it’s where their home is, this is where all of the things that they’re defending and believe in are. The development of the series is way more international. It’s going to have her, eventually, on like a Black Ops, globetrotting mission. It’s like tracking down these various threats. While she’s definitely not going to be isolated, because Kate thinks that she can be alone, I would like to sit her down over some drinks and talk to her about that. The adventures of the Bat Family is still going to be be essentially rooted in Detective. However, you will see a certain Gotham face, who I am delighted to get to have as essentially Kate’s right hand man.”

Noting that he already spoiled it on Twitter, Tynion added:

“Yeah, we’re bringing Julia Pennyworth, Alfred’s daughter, back in. She played a major role in Batman Eternal and then in the Endgame and Superheavy storylines. She’s a character that we’ve been very excited that we’ve found a real place for her. Pennyworths look good in a tuxedo. That’s her on the cover to issue one. The dynamic between the two of them is really, really fun. I’m really excited for people to see it.”

Batwoman: Rebirth #1 is set to see release on Wednesday, February 15.