Black Bolt #1 First Look Will Leave You Speechless

Now that Inhumans Prime #1 has formally kicked off the ResurrXion era from the New Attilan perspective, we can look forward to the many titles launching that include those characters, specifically the focus of today’s discussion, that of Black Bolt.

Penned by award-winning science fiction author Saladin Ahmed (Throne of the Crescent Moon), who’s actually making his Marvel debut, and illustrated by Christian Ward (Ultimates), this new ongoing title will no doubt offer an intimate glimpse at the King of the Inhumans like never before. After giving a look-see at the gallery at the top, you’ll probably agree that the dynamic visuals are worthy of the character, to say the least. Plus, how can you not love that Jack Kirby variant cover?

As for the narrative, well, I think it’s kind of funny that Vin Diesel was often mentioned as being courted for the role of Black Bolt before it was nabbed by Anson Mount due to the fact that the first arc of this series sees the character escape from prison. Had this been eventually used for inspiration for a live action endeavor, you know that everyone would’ve been making Riddick comparisons.

For more information regarding Black Bolt #1, including its release date, be sure to check out the synopsis provided below:

With a voice that can crack a planet in half, he’ll find himself somewhere he never thought possible – imprisoned at the edges of the cosmos! The newest resident of a prison designed to house the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy, Black Bolt must find out how he ended up here and who imprisoned him. But first, he’ll have to survive a fight to the death with a fellow inmate – The Absorbing Man! It’s time for the Midnight King to plot the impossible: an escape! That is…if he survives. Prepare for a truly mind-bending sci-fi epic unlike any other when Ahmed & Ward bring you the can’t-miss BLACK BOLT #1 – on-sale May 3rd!