Black Panther’s 10 Most Iconic Villains

The Black Panther is one of Marvel’s oldest comic book characters first appearing in 1966’s Fantastic Four no. 52. Created by Stan Lee alongside artist Jack Kirby, Black Panther would go no to cross over into plenty of other comic book worlds as well as have an extensive comic run of his own.

Within the Black Panther comics in all their different renditions, the King of Wakanda has come up against plenty of formidable opposition, both newly created characters, and others from other series within the world of Marvel Comics.

Some of Black Panther’s villains have stood out more than others and many have become integral parts of the Black Panther story.



With the power to manipulate emotions, Zenzi was able to save herself from death at the hands of Killmonger and rise through the ranks to lead the charge against the Wakandan throne. The former leader of the Nigandan army, Zenzi is a tough foe that has appeared many times to face Black Panther in the comics with her unique set of skills.


A former student within the Wakandan Academy in Birnin Azzaria, Tetu left civilization in search of a greater power beyond the physical realm. Emerging back, Tetu would become one of the Black Panther’s most formidable foes having mastered the ability to manipulate nature and teaming up with Zenzi to overthrow the Wakandan throne. In later appearances, Tetu showcases the ability to travel space and time making him a cosmic level villain for the King of Wakanda.

King Cadaver

Infiltrating the Wakandan mining system in human-like costume, King Cadaver quickly become one of Black Panther’s most notable enemies. The actions of Cadaver during his time in power led to a series of natural disasters along with the kidnapping of Queen Mother Ramonda before Black Panther eventually located and took him down. King Cadaver’s powers include the ability to generate great physical pain, cause delusions, and it is also suggested that he may have mind-controlling capabilities.

Baron Helmut Zemo

While he may be more well known as Baron Zemo given his appearances within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, within the Black Panther comic run Baron Helmut Zemo is one of Black Panther’s biggest challenges. Appearing in plenty of Marvel-based comics, Baron Zemo isn’t specifically a Black Panther villain but with his many appearances, he is one of the biggest threats to Wakanda.


Achebe was once a farmer but after making a deal with the devil he quickly becomes a force to be reckoned with. With a high level of intelligence and some skilled acrobatics, Achebe turns out to be quite a challenge for Black Panther after he forces a Refugee uprising appointing himself the leader.


One of Black Panther’s most well-known foes, Ulysses Klaw is the head of a mercenary group looking to seize the Vibranium held within Wakanda. Klaw has appeared in many different runs within the Marvel Comics universe, but his time in Black Panther is his most iconic. 

White Wolf

As the adopted older brother of T’Challa, Hunter grew up jealous knowing that he wouldn’t be the one to claim the throne of Wakanda, however, after being appointed the leader of Wakanda’s secret police he would be known as The White Wolf. Following the passing of his adopted father T’Chaka, the secret police would be abandoned and The White Wolf would look to exact his revenge on T’Challa.


More commonly known in the comics as Man-Ape, M’Baku is one of the most loyal figures within Wakanda, however, his loyalty often led to conflict with the Black Panther himself. Over the comic-book run, M’Baku would look to seize control of the throne of Wakanda himself.


Namor-The-Sub-Mariner (1)

One of Marvel’s oldest villains and a character who begun within other comic runs, Namor become one of the Black Panther’s major villains. The mutant child of a human sea captain and a mythical undersea princess, Namor has plenty of ocean-based powers and an impressive trident to match.



By far the most iconic Black Panther villain, Killmonger has become a household name from his starring appearance in the 2018 Black Panther film. With his impressive skill set similar to that of the Black Panther’s, his inherent claim to the throne, and his aspirations of seizing it for himself, it should be no surprise that Killmonger appears on this list.