Brian Michael Bendis To Pen Walmart Exclusive Batman Comic Book


Seeing as how superheroes are dominating the box office and TV airwaves these days, it’s understandable that curious newbies sample the source material. Unfortunately, not everybody has a comic shop in their immediate locale, so it’s nice to see whenever chain stores get in on the action and help bring books to the masses.

As it turns out, Walmart will soon be doing their part, for on July 1st, they’ll stock “giant” monthly comics that’ll be sold exclusively in more than 3,000 participating stores around the United States. These 100-page anthology books will run you $4.99 a piece, with each set to focus on Batman, Superman, Justice League and Teen Titans, respectively.

Exciting as all this is, the knowledge that Brian Michael Bendis will be boarding the initiative as of Batman Giant #3 in September is pretty earth-shattering. Having been one of the driving forces at Marvel for what seemed like an eternity, the superstar scribe recently made the jump to DC, where he’s now writing Superman’s flagship titles.

If you’re wondering what his epic will entail, all we can tell you for now is that it’ll be a 12-part saga titled “Universe,” in which “Batman’s run-in with the Riddler leads the Caped Crusader into a mystery that spans the globe!” That’s vague, to be sure, but you know the book will kick serious ass if Bendis is writing it.

When it comes to Batman Giant #1, that’ll reprint Batman #608 (2002), Nightwing #1 (2011) and Harley Quinn #1 (2013), with an original yarn leading the way, which is described as follows:

Batman is on the case of a missing girl in “One More Chance,” an all-new story by writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Patrick “Patch” Zircher. Batman is the world’s greatest detective, but what happens when the trail in his newest case leads him back to a place from his past that he never expected to revisit?

Much like Batman Giant, the other books in the line will reprint classic stories to complement that month’s all-new feature spotlighting the relevant headliner, so readers will definitely be getting bang for their buck. For more info, be sure to check out DC’s official press release.