Captain America #697 Reveals First Wolverine Post-Credits Scene


By now, I’m sure many of you know to stay after the credits whenever seeing the latest Marvel movie and, likewise, wonder where the heck everyone else is going when they begin to roll. I mean, haven’t people learned their lesson on numerous occasions since the first Iron Man flick debuted back in 2008?

Anyway, now that 2018 is underway, the House of Ideas have implemented a similar flourish in their comic books, specifically involving Wolverine. As you may have heard by now, the 616 Logan that we all love is once again among the living, having returned this past fall in the Marvel Legacy one-shot. Still, much mystery surrounds the resurrected icon, particularly why he’s not dead anymore – and how he came into possession of an Infinity Stone.

Well, this week in the pages of Captain America #697, Logan began making his rounds in the first of these post-credits scenes – or you can just refer to them as “backup stories” as the rest of us have been for decades. In it, he’s looking for his old buddy, Steve Rogers, but isn’t having much luck in doing so.

You see, just before my favorite mutant showed up at the bar in question (pictured above), Steve was essentially roofied by a mysterious woman and, to make things worse, soon had to engage in fisticuffs with Kraven the Hunter, who then encased the Sentinel of Liberty in ice. Now, that’s what I call a rough night!

How Marvel explores these plots is sure to make for a fun read, but for now, be sure to follow Wolverine throughout his next “post-credits” appearances this month in the pages of Mighty Thor #703 and Amazing Spider-Man #794.