It’s Captain America Vs. Captain America In Secret Empire #10

Regardless of how you may feel about it, Marvel has successfully gotten the comic book world to pay attention to its latest major crossover event, Secret Empire. Thanks to some sharp writing by Nick Spencer and gorgeous artwork provided by some of the biggest names in the business, the story alone has certainly done its job when it comes to achieving high sales figures.

Of course, a boatload of controversy also helped matters. Granted, there will be some who collected this because they’re not going to miss any significant Marvel happenings, but the decision to make Captain America a member of Hydra has both helped and hindered the book. Yes, sales have been impressive as we said moments ago, but there are the staunch purists who will have no part of a fascist Sentinel of Liberty. As such, Marvel has had to do some damage control, asking for readers to stick with them.

If you’ve been keeping up with the series, then you’re aware of the more familiar, altruistic Steve Rogers that was recently revealed to exist with the mind of Kubik, a living Cosmic Cube who’s pretty much to blame for all of this (in the land of fiction, that is). Well, from what we can gather, classic Cap will materialize in the real world and confront his villainous counterpart, as the preview images illustrate.

How all of this will exactly play out remains to be seen, but odds are that some of you out there saw this coming. Still, we’re waiting to see just how Captain America himself will be redeemed in the finale, though it’s undeniable that the brand has become somewhat damaged. Perhaps next month’s epilogue will do the trick.

Secret Empire #10 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, August 30.