The Clone Conspiracy #5 Delivers A New Status Quo For Spider-Man Moving Forward

Spider-Man Clone

Today saw the release of The Clone Conspiracy #5, the final instalment of Dan Slott and Jim Cheung’s Spider-Man event. Reviews for the issue have been mixed so far, with many declaring it an unsatisfying and rushed conclusion to a story which probably could have done with at least another instalment or two so it could be told in a satisfying manner.

Regardless, the world of the wall-crawler has been left in a very intriguing place, as has the fate of Ben Reilly. While Peter Parker managed to stop the signal which would have killed not only the clones created by the Jackal but anyone within range of it, The Clone Conspiracy wrapped up with a number of classic Spider-Man villains back among the living. Unfortunately, their identities have been kept a mystery, but we can definitely expect them to return somewhere down the line, something which could have huge ramifications for the iconic hero.

Sadly, the likes of Gwen and George Stacy and Jean DeWolff were not so lucky, while the fates of both Doctor Octopus and Ben were left up in the air. One of them managed to make it into the “perfect template” clone, and while the signs seem to point to Ben still being alive due to him getting a new series, could we actually be in store for a Superior Scarlet Spider? Time will tell, but we can probably expect at least a couple of answers in the upcoming Clone Conspiracy: Omega one-shot. At least, we sure hope so.

Tell us, what do you think’s next for Spider-Man after the events of The Clone Conspiracy #5? Sound off in the usual place with your thoughts!