Dan DiDio Discusses The Kamandi Challenge In New Video


No matter your age, anyone who has delved into comic book collecting has no doubt heard the name of Jack “The King” Kirby. Aside from having worked on Marvel properties such as Captain America, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers in their earliest of days, the legendary writer/artist also made some valuable contributions to DC by creating Darkseid and the New Gods. Another one of his brainchildren most beloved by readers has recently been revived in the form of The Kamandi Challenge.

For those unfamiliar, Kamandi, “The Last Boy on Earth,” pretty much functioned as DC’s answer to Planet of the Apes when it originally arrived on the scene decades ago. But instead of having only talking apes ruling the Earth, other animals evolved physically and intellectually as well, most notably tigers. And in the time since, Kamandi has experienced some exposure in other media, more specifically in the animated series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

In the latest episode of DC All Access, Jason Inman had the chance to sit down with DC co-publisher Dan DiDio to discuss the monumental 12-issue series. Even if you don’t have much of an interest in the character himself, DiDio’s pitch just might hook you: In short, each issue is handled by a different creative team who must build upon the previous one’s cliffhanger. To be quite honest, that concept alone sold me on the book and I quite enjoyed the debut issue.

The Kamandi Challenge #1 is currently available in comic shops.