Daredevil’s Most Iconic Villians

In a universe populated by mutants, space aliens, and superheroes one of Marvel’s most grounded heroes comes in the form of Daredevil. Matt Murdock, or more commonly known as his hero name Daredevil first appeared in Marvel Comics back in 1964 and was created by Stan Lee alongside artist Bill Everett.

The lawyer by day, hand to hand combat expert at night has seen quite a comic book run alongside his very own series on Netflix. With rumors of Daredevil’s debut within the MCU imminent, there is no better time to take a look back at some of the most iconic villains that he has come up against in his time protecting Hell’s Kitchen from crime.

The Hand

One of Daredevil’s more well-known foes, The Hand is an organization of ninja-like soldiers who are at the core of quite a bit of crime within Hell’s Kitchen. With their knowledge in occult magic, even in death escaping The Hand is a tough task.

Lady Bullseye

First appearing in Daredevil #111, Lady Bullseye would not only take Daredevil on in hand-to-hand combat but also in the courtroom as her alter-ego is also a lawyer. As the name suggests, Lady Bullseye is the female counterpart to Bullseye and boasts a similar assassin-like skillset.

Mister Fear

While Mister Fear is an alias used by quite a few individuals in the Marvel Comics universe, in the world of Daredevil the name is for Lawrence Cranston a fellow law classmate of Matt Murdock who would inevitably become one of his foes.


Of Daredevil’s adversaries, Stilt-Man is one of the more obscure. As the name suggests Slilt-Man’s power comes from the lower half of his suit that can both be detached and utilized to deal substantial damage. Once a scientist who enlisted Matt Murdock’s help to settle an intellectual property dispute, Stilt-Man would go on to challenge Daredevil in battle.


Out of all Daredevil’s villains, The Punisher is one of the most iconic. Spawning his own run of comics, The Punisher may be an anti-hero now but in the past he had a true detest for Daredevil which led to the pair doing battle on several occasions.


While Leland Owsley’s striking appearance may seem intimidating the villain isn’t a menacing figure alone instead thanks to his position as one of the largest crime bosses in Hell’s Kitchen.


While the pair share a romantic relationship throughout the comics, initially Elektra entered Daredevil’s life as a foe. The extremely skilled assassin with two iconic bladed weapons has gone back and forth as friend and foe for Daredevil over the years but she is by far one of the most iconic characters in the series. 

Turk Barrett

One of the more minor threats for Daredevil, Turk Barrett has come after the defender in quite a few different forms having a habit of stealing tech from other characters to chase after Deadpool himself.


Beginning as one of Daredevil’s villains Gladiator would eventually become an ally for the defender. With his unique armor boasting two saw blades it might be obvious how he was a challenge for Daredevil to overcome.

Typhoid Mary

One of the only mutants prevalent in the Daredevil series, Typhoid Mary boasts the power of telekinesis alongside a case of dissociative identity disorder making her an incredibly dangerous enemy. Similar to Elektra, Typhoid Mary has been both a love interest for Daredevil as well as a villain over the years.


Bullseye is one of the most dangerous enemies in the series and also the toughest test for Daredevil to pass. Being both an extremely skilled assassin and borderline psychotic, Bullseye has a knack for combat being said to have had turned a playing card into a weapon in the past.



The most iconic foe to Daredevil has to be Kingpin. The Hell’s Kitchen crime boss runs quite a syndicate of opposition for the area’s defenders, but he himself is also gifted with some impressive strength allowing him to take on Daredevil hand to hand and push him to his limits.