DC And Archie Team Up For Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica

For some time now, rumors have been swirling regarding crossovers involving characters from the respective universes established by DC and Archie. And while it remains unclear if this will serve as the first of several mashups or if it’ll just be a standalone venture, that doesn’t make the freshly announced Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica any less awesome.

Truth be told, we’re willing to tip our hats to both publishers for making this a reality since not only does uniting these two iconic duos seem so natural, but the fact remains that Harley Quinn and Betty & Veronica happen to be among the best books currently being served up by either entity. Oh, and there’s also the fact that the former Clown Princess of Crime is still riding her popularity from the Suicide Squad feature film, with Archie’s closest gal pals experiencing something similar with the hit TV series Riverdale. In other words, there’s a lot of mainstream crossover appeal here than one would usually find.

Getting back to the subject of quality, we expect this to be far from a simple cash grab, especially when you consider that it’ll be written by a duo consisting of Harley’s co-creator, Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series), and Marc Andreyko (Batwoman). Not only that, but Laura Braga (DC Comics Bombshells) will provide interiors, with a standard cover for the first issue being drawn by Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn), and the variant being handled by Adam Hughes (Betty & Veronica).

As for the synopsis, well, the general premise for the story sounds so simplistic in its genius that I wish I’d have thought of it myself:

HARLEY & IVY MEET BETTY & VERONICA starts with a plan for free college tuition for all Riverdale residents. The town just needs to build a new campus by draining the wetlands that lie between Riverdale and Gotham City.

The only snag? A certain botany-obsessed super-villain.

When Poison Ivy enlists her bestie Harley to kidnap both Veronica Lodge, daughter of Riverdale’s most important citizen, and her friend Betty, she’s counting on some assistance—and mayhem. Are these two teams of BFF’s headed for disaster?

Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica is scheduled to arrive in comic shops on October 4.