DC Changes Batman #23’s Contents Ahead Of Its Release



While changing a comic book’s contents from what was originally solicited is certainly nothing new, it can be a bit frustrating if something that you were looking forward to is seemingly being scrapped. Such is the case with an upcoming issue of Batman, a series that has already experienced such a thing within the first year of Rebirth.

You may remember that Tom King and Mitch Gerads were supposed to tell a tale that was to see the Dark Knight join forces with none other than Swamp Thing, originally slated for publication in Batman #15. But, as luck would have it, that was replaced by the two-part “Rooftops” story, which has recently been collected into Batman Vol. 2: I am Suicide.

So, that brings us to some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the Swamp Thing story will see the light of day, specifically in Batman #23, the first issue to follow “The Button.” The bad news, however, is that it’s overwritten the “Aftermath” story that was set to followup on the events of “I am Bane” and to be illustrated by David Finch.

Now, I’ve since checked DC’s website and Batman #24 is still listed as being an “Aftermath” story, so it’s very possible that it’s just been chopped down to one issue. But, if indeed this team-up with Swamp Thing proves to be a two-parter, we at least hope that they address how the Caped Crusader’s bloody battle with Bane impacted him and his supporting cast because, lest we forget, we’ll soon be taking an extended trip to the past with “The War of Jokes and Riddles.”

Batman #23 arrives in comic shops this May. You can check out the new solicit for it below:

(W) Tom King (A/CA) Mitch Gerads
In a new story The Brave and the Mold! Swamp Thing comes to Gotham City featuring new art and cover by Mitch Gerads.