DC Comics May Be Introducing A Black Batman Next Year

Batman Knightmare

If you’re a longtime reader of DC Comics, then you’re aware of how someone other than Bruce Wayne assuming the mantle of Batman is nothing new. Whether it be Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Jim Gordon, Jean-Paul Valley or Terry McGinnis, there are a variety of books and cartoons out there showing us what it’s like when a new Dark Knight is tasked with protecting Gotham.

Now, according to Bleeding Cool, yet another change in status quo is upon us, and that’ll arrive during the summer of 2020 leading into 2021. My guess for that timeline being given is that something will happen to Bruce Wayne, with a Battle for the Cowl-like event setting up the new Caped Crusader’s coronation. Furthermore, it should be noted that the next Batman is said to be black.

Right now, it remains unclear who’ll get the honor, but the outlet has said it’s not Duke Thomas AKA the Signal. Some speculation has been cast on Black Lightning because of his involvement with the Outsiders, though I think that wouldn’t be a good idea because the character currently headlines a TV series on The CW – as Black Lightning.

In a followup report, Bleeding Cool said it could very well wind up being Luke Fox, perhaps better known as Batwing. Being the son of Lucius Fox, this would make more sense. I’d rather see someone promoted from within the Bat-Family than DC developing a new character or passing the torch to a random hero from their pantheon.

What’s also interesting to learn is that Bruce Wayne will supposedly be thought dead by the rest of the DC Universe, yet he won’t actually have met his demise. Intriguingly enough, he’ll serve as a mentor to the new guy from behind the scenes, thereby drawing comparisons to Batman Beyond.

With Luke Fox now being played by Camrus Johnson on The CW’s Batwoman, the character is poised to take off like never before. Because of this multimedia exposure, I’d say that makes the likelihood of him becoming the next Batman increase.

Being a huge fan of the era that saw Dick Grayson don cape and cowl – and the aforementioned Batman Beyond, for that matter – I’m definitely willing to give this a shot if and when the time comes. In the meantime, feel free to let us know if you’re willing to accept yet another Batman in the comments section below, or make a case for the “Bruce Wayne only” purists out there.